Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jumping for Joy!!!

I am relieved that I don't have to go to North Platte tomorrow afternoon so I can serve as a juror in the Federal court system. But I do have to call every Friday until the 6th of March. So now I will be on pins and needles on Friday again next week. I won't mind going for the experience of it and the learning factor but that sure does add to the "list" of things that have to be done before I go and the extra work for those who are taking over what I have been doing.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

"A thing well planned is a thing half done."

It was asked if "A thing well planned is a thing half done." is true. I would really have to agree with that. I have put things on my list of things to do for the day and believe or not they are all done before I go to bed at night. I even have had time to do those things I love to do that isn't attached to house cleaning, homeschooling, and child care. Stamping!!!! Blogging!!! And my house is noticeable cleaner and I feel better about myself. I am hoping in the weeks ahead with the possibility of having to be gone for a week or two during the next month this will also work.

So I must say that the statement "A thing well planned is a thing half done" even if it is from Louis L'amour it is a very well said statement. Maybe that is why he wrote so many wonderful books. (I have never read his books but from a few people who have read them I have come to that assumption.)

Mighty hunter??!!?!

Our mighty hunter bought a blow gun with some of his birthday money. So he HAD to try it out nearly upon our van stopping in the drive way. Well he is fairly accurate with it, don't you think?

(Note: I had to put this picture in here because I put his near ear pierceing picture on here)


I do believe that God wanted us to have children for many reasons but I have decided that one is to make us laugh. My children make me laugh often...they do and say such funny things. For example in the picture below: this our 13 year old son who was goofing around and "accidently" got his pocket knife hooked on his ear. This boy has given us many things to laugh I never got documented was the time he tied himself upside down in a tree.

Our dearest Emily sure gives us sore sides from time to time. She is a quick witted and often sends me into fits of laughter. Well in the picture below she decided she was going to shave. How she got the razor is beyond me but she did. Well like all children she "NEEDED" a bandaid. We had a good chuckle over this one as well.

Of course Samantha isn't exempt from this either, recently decided that her panties go on her head. She came and showed me what she did, I laughed and said to put them where they belong. She left and I assumed that is what she did but when I went through the livingroom here she was with them still on her head. In fact she didn't have any on where they belong. :) She often misses putting them on when she gets dressed.

So as you can tell we are not without a good laugh from time to time.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting organized

As I grew up my mom often had a list for us to do and then she even had her own list. Then when I married Lance and we would go visit his mom she would have lists of Marge's to do's. Now that Marge's lives next door I see this is a daily things for her...she has often told me to write my own list to cross is so fun to cross things off a list whether it is my list or someone else's list. Sooooooooooooooooo..................... I made my own organizer.

This is very scary but this is what I call my brain...not hard to image it not having much content. :) In the book I had previously wrote about it suggeted sitting down for 15 minutes to organize your day so you don't waste 4 hours. Well I will have to say that is very true. When I would go downtown to mail stuff or go the store I would almost always forget something I needed to do or take with me. So now I write all the stuff that needs to be done in that day plus a few household chores and what we are eatting that day so all I have to do is look at today and see this is what is on the agenda and there is now no more forgotten things. YEAH!!!

In my 3 ring binder I have two types of calenders, 1.) A year at a glance 2.) a two month calendar. On these calendars I wrote in the weekly activities as in AWANA or a month meeting.

This is just a 5 subject tablet; I use this to write the days activities and the things that need mailed or delivered. I also wrote down the items that need to be purchased at the store as I run out or for a meal. I also write down birthdays for that day so I can call and wish someone a happy birthday. As I get the things done on the list it is so rewarding to cross it off and see that I have done something today even if it was cleaning the bathroom. :)
So now you will know my secret to "getting it all done without feel overwhelmed" (part of the title tot he book I post earlier). I most certainly don't feel overwhelmed like I use to but I am a long ways from getting it on done. :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

My heart is sooo full!

This is my Great Grandmother Blanche. She was born in 1913...yes she is nearly 96 years fact on the 20th of February she will be, the same day as my little Sammy. I love her so much...the more I spend time with her the more I feel my heart swell. She as so many stories about life before me that I could sit and listen to her all day long. She is a one of a kind women, not one that would ever take advantage of someone, in fact when I do things for her she is always trying to pay me for doing it. I have to keep reminding her that I most certainly didn't pay her for changing my diaper. My heart will nearly tear in two when she passes away. She told me the other day that she will be the oldest of her family when she is 96 and 3 months. She will have lived longer then anyone before her of her family. WOW!!! I hope she lives to be 100 and with all the memory she has now. I don't want her to be miserable but for her age she is still living by herself and does nearly everything for herself. I try to get her mail for her and I sort her pills out weekly then I also take her to the doctor and various other appointments when her son (my grandfather) can't. But she does really well for herself and I hope that I can be like her when I grow old. Please pray for her that she will see her need for Christ Jesus before her time to pass away comes.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Ok I am somewhat excited and yet hopeful. What in the world does that mean...well in December I got a wonderful notice in the mail that I have been selected to be on the Federal Jury in February. Inside I am say oh no, I can't do that...I have kids to take care of, housework to do, a Grandmother to visit and take care of...etc. I can come up with a thousand reasons why I can't do this but then there is the Hyde part of me that wishes to actually go and do this. To experience all of this, to be educated on the courts rotten no good crimanals in jail...just kidding about the last part, that part is a little scary. But anyway I am excited but hopeful that I don't have to go. I will be on call from Feb 2 to Mar 6...WOW suppose I will have to go in at all for an entire month...I am guessing with that many days that my odds that I will have to go in some time in all those days. I just have to check in I believe weekly to see if I am to report on the follow week. I will know something on Friday of this week. So pray for my family and I while we try to live in and around this appointment of duty. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting it together...?????

Ok, we all have a drive to do or be something. So most of us are always striving to accomplish our hearts desire. Mine....ok don't laugh...promise? I love to be organized...don't laugh. I am probably the most unorganized person on the plant...but I really would love to be. Recently I was part of a bible study called "Shopping for Time. How to Do It All and NOT Be Overwhelmed " by Carolyn Mahaney. Well who wouldn't want to do it all and not be overwhelmed. Most of the time I feel I have too much going on but I am not sure what to cut out. I often feel like I am running from one thing to the next and still not accomplishing something...most of the time it is my time with my Saviour, which the first key point that is in this book. I don't write this so you will pity my schedule or think I am that I've "got it together", I only mention this because this what is on my heart.

I really would like to be doing blogging, scrap booking, stamping, etc. But there is a season for everything and right now I am tring to be a good wife, raising kids, caring for elder grandparents, being an EMT just to name a few. Someday I will look back and wish I had at least one those in that list to do someday. I just will have pray that I can do my best for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour.

I will hopefully be blogging a little bit everyday, I know I have said this before but bare with me...a few minutes of sitting and sharing my life with (whether you like or not) will be enjoyable (most days).

Monday, January 5, 2009

Strange parents

Ok, for Christmas we got the girls dolls that they can dress in newborn clothes. Well we couldn't get dolls that were different so they ended up with the same exact doll. So we wrote their name on the foot so that no one could say she has mine. Hopefully creating a peaceful atmosphere. :)
Well as usual I had to much to do in one day (I often think I am super woman) I asked Lance to help wrap up these dolls and a couple other gifts while I was making cinnamon rolls at 10:30 pm. Well, he asks me to come here and this is what I found. One of these babies had taken a vanilla wafer. With one of the irritating ties that they use to ties your toys into the box he tied the arm so it would stay in the position. Believe it or not it was still like that when Sammy opened her gift. The girls thought it was funny...after they stood there and looked at a bit with a million different expressions going over their face and I am sure that one of them was "I have strange parents."