Thursday, April 24, 2008

Done with School!!!!

We were done on April 17th with school. That was last thursday and we are so excited. He would have finish on Tuesday this week but he decided to some extra work and get done eariler. Yeah!!! Now this week we are unsure of what we are to be doing. I have a ton to clean house but can't seem to get my lazy self to get it done. Will have to just make a goal, I guess. My new thing is to sell stuff on ebay. So I have been entering stuff to sell for other people this week. I so love it, I think that a person can get just addicted to sell has buying on ebay. :) One is awhole lot easier to support. Right!?!!???

Friday, April 11, 2008

Snow days

My kids had the best time yesterday playing outside. They all bundled up after lunch and played in the snow. Even little Sammy went out and stayed out their for most of 20 minutes. She came in a sat on my lap and drink hot chocolate and fell asleep. I enjoyed every moment of that. Then Emily came in and was cry...not sure what she was crying about...has anyone master crytalking? Anyway she sat on my lap and repeated what Sammy did. But this time I fell asleep too until Caleb came in. Then after Caleb's clothes dried and he warmed up @5 ish they went out again, all except Samantha and played for another hour. They then came in for supper and wanted to go out again at 8:00 pm. They all went out and played for 30 minutes. When I called them in they were all in Caleb's igloo. The video clip is that moment when they were headed to the house.
Enjoy...I did.
PS: Have to hit the play button on the clip

The kids playing in their igloos and invited Sammy!

Kid's day in the snow!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

He is happy???!!!!

He just loves school, can't you tell. He probably just get a surprise by his mom snapping a picture of him. He is hard to get a picture of without him making weird faces. Got to love him!!! He is nearly done with school for this season. YEAH!!!! Ok I am just excited has he his.

Having fun!!!

Several weeks ago Mom and the girls and I went to Pierre, SD to do some shopping and see one of my friends. Of course it was requested by the girls to eat at McDonald's so they could play. Emily liked to let me know when she got to this spot so I could wave at her. I have no idea who the other kid is but he wanted his picture taken too.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sweet and Wonderful

Yesterday was a wonderful day...I caught Sammy playing all by herself in her room. She even smiled when she discovered I was going to take her picture. Has you can see she got her hair fixed after that. She has so much hair, but doesn't really like it messed with. GRRRRR!!!