Friday, May 23, 2008

Bathroom remodeling....ugh!!!

We are in the middle of bathroom remodeling. That isn't a fun job...poor Lance is doing most of it right now. He has total removed any plaster and lath from the walls. We only have a toilet in there right now. The window is even removed, the one that Sammy is sitting on, in the picture. We are showering at Lance's moms and brushing teeth in the kitchen. I will include some pictures later. One room at a time and we will get a new house. ;)

Dressing up

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Catching up!!!

Ok I know it has been a long time since I have updated. I have been snapping pictures allot lately so I will be doing a couple of slides so you can see what has been going on. Since school has been out I feel I have been spinning my wheels. I think I must be a person who thrives on a schedule. But we are working into a new one that will probably change has lawn mowing gets more demanding. I have been doing allot of ebay selling for other people so that is taking up allot of my computer time. But I am enjoying making a little money to add to the house fund. Woo Hoo!!! Ok I won't bore with all the details of the last couple of weeks I will just let you see the pictures that will speak for themselves.

A day at the saloon and her date....birthday gift.

For her birthday she got to go to the saloon to have her hair done and have a manicure. Our little princess is growing up, this is one of the things she really enjoys, pampering. So we decided to give her a gift of pampering by someone else besides mom. She was excited, couldn't wait. She said she felt like a princess. She had to remind me that her Uncle Luke said she was a princess. Also as part of her gift she got to go out on a date with dad. Lance said she talked all the way home and then when she got home she talk somemore. She was so excited when she came home. I am so glad we did this. When you watch the slide you can click on the x on the pop up window and you can see better....just had to have this song on this one.

Emily's 4th Birthday!!!

One Great Sunday Afternoon!!!

This is a result of a wonderful Sunday afternoon. We all enjoyed espresso's (the girls had mostly milk) then we went for a walk and stopped to say hi to Grandma and Papa McCoy then on to the park after we were tired of sliding (mom and dad that is) we headed home and decided to stop and say hi to Grandma and Papa Hespe. Caleb took the dogs home and brought back his lawnmower and trailer over to Larry's and give the girls a ride home. It was a wonder day!!!