Thursday, September 25, 2008


OK we have been the traveling fools lately. We made a trip to Rapid City to celebrate Caleb's birthday with my brother and his family. We had allot of fun. Pictures will have to follow at a later time....TOO BUSY right now. And we are also traveling around in Mexico in our Geography last week and this week. Thanks to all those who contributed to our USA travels...makes us what to see more of the USA. We did get to go to Mt. Rushmore this last weekend. We really had a lot of fun. I have allot of pictures to share with you when the canning is done, freezing peaches...we have about a zillion peaches from our tree...very exciting. Just not looking forward to all the work. I bathroom is nearing the done stage...while we were gone this last weekend a friend came and put our tile in so we are so happy that the floor is now done...tonight I believe finished the wall sanding...what a yucky job. Lance is working on the plumbing...tomorrow night I think we will texture the walls then Saturday or Sunday afternoon I will PAINT!!! We then can set the tub and the toilet in. So we are nearing the finish line. YaHoOOOOOO!!! So unfortunately not much blogging until then probably. I am sure tomorrow will be full with school, peach freezing and bathroom working...not mentioning any of the normal things of the day like cooking, caring of little girls. OH by the way I have a 13 year old now....oh wow!!! Can' t believe it and then couple of days ago he was standing in front of me and I was look UP at him...where did my baby go. Well will try to get on here soon again...please be patient with me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I wanted to explain the clock to the right. In Geography we are studing the different countries and we are studing North America first. We of course are studying the USA first. I will being putting the different time zones and what country we are studying on here. It is always interesting to see the difference in time. Next week I will being putting up a new time zone...we get to use our passports next that means we are leaving the USA and learning about different countries in North America.

By studying some of the states in the USA, Caleb and I have planned some of our "future vacations" if we are every able too.

As we study these different locations if you have any wonderful facts or information, please share with us. So right now we in the USA, anyone having been in the east coast or the west coast have anything to share? blogging yet!

Sorry...I know it gets discouraging to check this blog and not see anything new. I SO want to blog...I have picture to download but not enough time to do it all. I just wanted to say that I will be back on hopefully within a week. We went to Fort Robinson for Labor Day with my family and so we got a few pictures to share. The garden I think is going to shallow me...don't tell marge I am praying for a frost SOON! We have been blessed abundantly with produce. I have seriously been thinking about leave produce on people steps like an abandoned baby. Well catch you later!