Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Pre- Preschooler

Since I really didn't blog about Samantha on school thought I should today. Sammy does allot of observing during our school time. She does have her own "school box" full of colors and markers. I usually try to have a extra coloring sheet like Emily's so she doesn't feel left out. She also, since we don't have a bathroom right now is running over to Grandma Marge's to "potty". But it doesn't sound like that is the real reason she goes over there. She ends up spending allot of time with Grandma and "helping her". I have told Marge that at anytime she is more then welcome to send my kids home when she needs them to. In the picture above she is checking out the science experiment stuff her and bub went to get from the store. Looks like fun stuff.

Friday, August 22, 2008

School ....finally started.

School finally started for us on Monday... it was tough going for a few days. Because of course the garden didn't quit needing attending to when school started. So I am really running slow today. I was pretty excited to start school because we have some new "stuff" to learn from this year. One of the fun things we got to do is make passports. We are going to learn about different countries this year, I am excited about that. When go to different countries they get to get their passports stamped to enter. Caleb got to learn the process of applying for a passport; the application process and of course we got to take pictures for the them. I have included Emily in on some of his school work...of course at her level. Caleb actually said he is enjoy school so far and even math!!! Yoohoo!!! Emily of course is enjoying school, I can't give her enough work. She is excited because she learned how to write her name this week. Well enjoy the passport pictures.
This wasn't his first picture, I actually got him to smile(kinda a silly smile) but he wanted to use this one...something about looking tough and mean.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hespe Happenings

Whew...can I get a few extra days or hours somewhere

I know I am terrible about updating my blog. But boy o boy I haven't been sitting and eating bon bons and reading a book. Wish I had time to read a book!!! I am not sure how we have filled everyday lately but they are very full.
I know I have been canning, gardening (not as much as I should be :( ), laundry, cooking. But then I have also helped texture a bedroom, put flooring down and painted then moved our bed and dresser into that room. The kids now have our room since it is a touch bigger. We sometime want to texture and paint that room also and put down hardwood flooring, but that will have to wait until the bathroom is done. This room had come to a complete stop since about the 1st of July. Never enough time and sometimes money to go around for all the things that need those things. Lance today has taken most of the floor out, so it is now no longer a usable room. :( yuck!!!
We are going to start school the 18th. I don't know if I am ready. I was suppose to spend the whole week this week getting things in order. Our house was a BIG wreck with moving out of our room ( of which I had allot of stuff stored in there from the bathroom and the closet. I think I have finally gotten most of it put some place. I have decide since we need the computer often and the copier also during school we are going to have school downstairs in the office/stamp room. Well that posed a little problem since I have acquired allot of stuff to sell on ebay for people, I finally sat down in this last week and gotten it all on ebay. Yeah!!! Over 50 auctions and I hope and pray they all sell and get paid for asap. We have a couple of desks and I really need a nice big book case but am making do with some other shelves right now. Maybe I end up liking what I use better. This next week I really need to start preparing for school. I have done quite a bit in May and the 1st part of June but well you know....
Sometimes I wonder if I have missed used my time or I really need to no more often. I have been hitting the pillow every night this week and am a sleep within a few minutes. The book I have been reading at night isn't going very fast.

Well I hope to take some pictures of all the projects I have had going to show you what I have been up to.

Until then you can enjoy the slide of the kids and etc.