Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some stinky business!!! :)

Our neighbor had a pest problem...he had a skunk under his garage who decided that is where it will spend the winter. Lanny wanted it evicted but it was a stubborn skunk. For 2 weeks they have been trying to trap this nasty critter. But today it is final caught...HEHEHE!!! In a trap that no one wants to get to close to now. Here is the picture (above) sitting in the trap this morning...he looks sort of cute.
Well Lance thought we should get it away from Lanny's buildings...they had some fore thought to tie a piece of twine to it so we could drag it away.
Well....hahaha!!! the twine broke about half way to the trees and now Lance's hahahaha!!! is trying to get it off the road. I was laughing at this picture...well long story short, the skunk finally made his stinky juices flow....I saw the vapor looking stuff and high tailed it to the house so I didn't see anything Lance carrying the trap off the road. Needless to say they (Lance and Caleb) both smelled alittle bit...seriously not too bad...BUT our neighborhood and the WHOLE town stinkys. HEHEHE!!! The high school called and said they could smell skunk and want the sheriff to come and see about it...well he was at our little event, so he already knew the source of the stench.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bathroom Unveiled!!! (I like how that sounds):)

I have been told I am naughty for not putting the finished bathroom pics on here so here they are.