Friday, February 13, 2009

Another week down

Wow, this week went really fast. Not sure I have accomplished much this week or not but it is almost over. As a blessing to day I don't have to go to North Platte this next week, YAHOO!!! This is the week of Sammy's and Grandma Blanche's Birthday party on Friday...way to much is going to not be here. I would hate to miss it.

Tomorrow night Lance and I are going to a Valentine's Banquet at the High School that the Community Youth Group is putting on. They are serving dinner and then showing the movie Fireproof. I am excited this is Caleb's first youth event. They are raising money to help those who are going to Dare to Share, don't much about that but Caleb isn't going either. The rest of the money if there is any left over is suppose to go to towards the youth center that use to be the Turtle Butte Lodge here in town. The build had a fire in it about a year ago and the guy gave it to my Uncle Russell to make into a place for the youth.

Well it is getting to the time I am really ready to put the kids to bed so I can enjoy some quiet time alone. So I better get that done not to mention I still have to make my bed. Love clean sheets but hate to make it.

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mjoseph said...

What beautiful pix of the kids...